Every Night a Big Mysterious Call Echoes Over the Air…



Come Before Winter takes the listener inside the radio where Sefton Delmer and his colorful cohorts orchestrate credible deceptive and intriguing broadcasts to aid defeating the Nazis. Can this weapon save millions of lives?


In this 1962 memoir of the Black Propaganda assault on behalf of the Allied Forces, Sefton Delmer recalls the following question posed by the oldest French language newspaper in the world L'Express, Neuchatel, on April 13, 1945 just three weeks before the end of the war in Europe:


“Every Night a Big Mysterious Call Echoes Over the Air—HIER, SOLDATENSENDER WEST.”


“Is the No. 1 clandestine German transmitter the mouthpiece of internal opposition to the Nazis, or is it the finest instrument of Allied propaganda and the Intelligence Service?”
— Sefton Delmer, Black Boomerang