Crew Takes Selfie at Hollywood Event

L to R: Kelly Reed - Otto John; Ariel Quintana - Composer of original score; Aubrey Wakeling - Sefton Delmer; Scotty Ray - Ian Fleming.

A few sample remarks from an audience filled with film industry professionals, their family and friends:   “Mesmerizing, it all comes together…” “The technical aspects enhance the emotional scenes” “Very moving, touching, it took my breath away.” “Riveting, I kept moving closer to the edge of my chair…”

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Cast and Crew Members Get Together at Hollywood Showing

Back row: Joel Cathey - Sound Editor; Martin Harasimowicz - SS Guard; Aubrey Wakeling - Sefton Delmer; Gus Lynch - Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Deborah McFatter - Paula Bonhoeffer; Gary Blount - Producer. Second row: Tanya Musgrave - Cinematographer; Melody George - Story Consultant. Front row: Alex Lane - Hans Von Dohnanyi; Kevin Ekvall - Director; Ariel Quintana - Composer of original score.

Many of the cast and crew members were together at the Hollywood screening.

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Ariel Quintana, Renowned Argentinian Born Musical Director, Composer and Conductor Attends Screening

Ariel Quintana, the composer of the original sound score, ardently answered questions about the challenging process of creating the music for Come Before Winter, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and His Companions in the Dying Gasps of the Third Reich. Ariel said the emotionally charged film inspired him to create music that would heighten the audience’s journey…and guide them…

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