Enthusiasm Continues for “Come Before Winter”

Producer Gary Blount with Bonnie Dwyer at the Roseville screening.

The March 4 screening with several hundred people in Roseville, California continued the ripple of astonishment and appreciation previous events generated.


Producer Gary Blount and Director Kevin Ekvall fielded questions from an audience that was more eclectic than those at recent events. A sampling of comments confirms the impact of seeing the film:


“Compelling and at the same time disturbing. Not sure I can sleep tonight.”


“The significance of the experiences in this film is a lesson to all of us.”


“Thank you for bringing a very timely piece of history to our community.”


“Did you create this film to make a statement on today’s political scene?”


The enthusiastic crowd of several hundred at the Roseville, California screening.


Bonnie Dwyer with Producer Gary Blount and Director Kevin Ekvall answering audience questions.