Gary Blount Shares Sampling of Bonhoeffer Quotes with Film Audiences

In the discussions before or after the screening of Come Before Winter, producer Gary Blount provides many quotes from Bonhoeffer's writings to enrich the conversation. Here are a few samples.


“Cheap grace in the preaching of grace without requiring repentance...When Christ calls a man, He bids him come and die.”

— Cost of Discipleship, 1937


“Only because God has become human is it possible to know and not despise human beings.”

— Ethics, 1949


“Only those whose final standard is not their reason, their conscience or their virtue, but those who are ready to sacrifice all, that is when they are called to obedience and responsible action in faith and in exclusive allegiance to God—the responsible persons who try to make their whole life an answer to the question and the call of God.” 

— Christmas letter to friends and family, 1942