Packed April for Come Before Winter

April will be a big month for this independently produced docudrama making its way through the first months of distribution.


First, the Smithsonian Magazine will call attention to the film in its April issue. Secondly, the 19th Annual Bonhoeffer Lectures at Union Theological Seminary in NYC will host a screening on April 7/8. Furthermore, on April 17, Producer Blount will join Rabbi James Mirel (Wood River Jewish Community), Rev. Jerry Reinke (Valley of Peace Lutheran Church), and Paster Stephen McCandless (Wood River Valley SDA Church) for a panel discussion after the screening sponsored by the three faith groups in the Sun Valley region of Idaho.


“After reading his biography and studying his theology, I am thoroughly convinced that if even 20% of Germans had spoken and acted as Dietrich Bonhoeffer did, the Holocaust would not have taken place. He was an active resister from the very beginning in 1933 and his execution by the Nazis in 1945 establishes him as a true martyr of faith. He was not perfect, but he was truly saintly.”

— Rabbi James Mirel of Wood River Jewish Community


Blount will also present a prequel on Saturday, April 15, at 11 am at the SDA Church in Hailey. He will share the historical framework and issues connected with Bonhoeffer’s involvement with the German resistance and highlight some of the theologian’s viewpoints on the intersection of faith, action, and ethics.